Pacific Eurythmy Update!!

2nd round of 1st year students starting September 2019! Not too late to join! The initiative continues and we’re very excited!                                                    

For more information on the training, please visit our website at or email Carrie Mass at

2 thoughts on “Pacific Eurythmy Update!!

  1. Hi, I’ve joined your group before- I’m down near Salem-Corvallis. Is there a eurythmy group taking place now this year 2020 with corona, or on wait? Any others in Oregon you know of?

    1. Yes! Jolanda is teaching a Calendar of the Soul class Wednesday evenings at Bothmer Hall from 7-8:15pm and Saturdays 9-10:15am starting 10/25/20. Contact Jolanda to register, James Knight is also teaching a basic elements class for the community on Wednesday evening from 6-7pm, We hope you can join in!

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