About Us

Portland Eurythmy fosters the development and performance of eurythmy and associated arts.  We are a group of local eurythmists, a speaker, and accompanist, who have come together to create children’s and adult performances for the community. 

We just finished our 2019 spring tour of Fire including a 20-minute children’s performance of The Rainbow Crow: A Lenape Native American Tale (Portland, Hillsboro, Seattle, Corvallis, Eugene).  Past performances have included The Town Musicians Go West which was performed for several Waldorf schools in the Portland area (and Eugene). In 2013-2014, we staged A Tangle of Tales for area Waldorf Schools. Our White Duck program went on tour (Portland, Hillsboro, Eugene, Ashland) in April, 2015. In 2016, we staged and toured The Woman of the Sea adding the Waldorf School of Bend. In 2017, we toured The Wind that Wanted to Rest, adapted from Sheldon Oberman children’s book of the same name. We made stops in Portland, Hillsboro, Bend, Eugene, and Central Point, Oregon. Please refer to our contact page to request a performance.