Member Bios

Meta Bruner

For more than four decades, Meta has expressed herself primarily through movement. From an active childhood climbing trees and building forts, to doing flip-flops in a young gymnastics performance group, to dancing and performing her way through high school and college at Portland’s Jefferson High and University of Oregon, she found her way to Eurythmy. While taking a parent education class at Cedarwood Waldorf School, where her two children attended, she was inspired by the words and movements of teacher, Natasha Moss, who also led an adult eurythmy training. So drawn to the art form, she soon enrolled and later graduated in 2010 from Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, under the tutelage of Cynthia Hoven and Reg Down. Meta thanks her husband David and adult children Caleb and Anna for all their love while supporting her unconventional interests! Meta has been a part of Portland Eurythmy since 2011.

Jolanda Frischknecht

Jolanda Frischknecht completed her Eurythmy training in Dornach, Switzerland with Lea van der Pals. Upon graduation in 1990, she did a post-graduate year at Eurythmy Spring Valley. She then moved back to Switzerland for five years to teach and perform eurythmy. After that she moved to Austin, TX, where she co-founded the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble. They toured for over ten years in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Then Jolanda completed her Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in 2012 and moved to Portland, OR. Since then she has been teaching grades 1 through 8 and doing therapeutic work at the Micha-el School. She has also been teaching adults in the Micha-el Institute and an in the Pacific Eurythmy Foundation Course. She has been an active member of Portland Eurythmy for 7 years, bringing a wealth of musical, choreographic and directorial knowledge. 

Amanda Leonard

Amanda Leonard has had a life-long love of movement, music and theatre. She was happy to find eurythmy while living in the rural farming intentional community, Camphill Minnesota. Upon her return to urban life, she realized that she wanted to study eurythmy. This led her to England and back to beautiful Boulder, CO, where she studied with Glenda and David-Michael Monasch. Upon graduating, she moved to Portland to work with Portland Eurythmy. She is delighted to be a part of this performance group, whose members work tirelessly and collaboratively to elevate the art of eurythmy.

James Knight

Member, Portland Eurythmy.

Don Marquiss

Member, Portland Eurythmy and Group Organizer extraordinaire.

Carrie Mass

Carrie Mass completed her Eurythmy training in Spring Valley, New York, led by Dorothea Mier. Since graduating in 2002 she has performed with the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble and Portland Eurythmy. She performed Eurythmy in Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas in Spring Valley. Carrie began teaching in 2004 at both the Live Oak and Sebastopol Independent Charter Schools in California. While in California Carrie performed eurythmy with the Lemniscate Arts Group. Carrie then moved to Portland to teach eurythmy at the Portland Waldorf School in 2008. She has also been teaching Waldorf alumni and community eurythmy classes. She continues to practice, choreograph, and perform with Portland Eurythmy. 

Colin Shepard

Accompanist extraordinaire!

Daniel Stokes

Daniel Stokes has worked within the Waldorf Education movement since 1975. He received his teacher training at Emerson College, England and a diploma for Speech and Drama in Sydney, Australia. He co-founded Mythos Storytellers and Looking Glass Theater which performed and led workshops in schools across Australia. Over the past 24 years Daniel has been a class teacher and has brought a love for the spoken word, specifically its use in the classroom, through courses in poetry, storytelling and drama in Waldorf training centers throughout the U.S. He currently lives with his wife in Portland and spends some of the year abroad training teachers and mentoring in Waldorf Schools.